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There is no doubt that the last 2 years have been disastrous for the entire creative arts industry, and for so many people involved at all levels.  We’ve seen a reaction and pivot towards using streaming as the only real way to continue communicating and performing, but this has largely followed the tried and true ‘let’s give it away for nothing and then ask only those that tuned in to donate something, anything at all..’ Not ideal.   

The main reason for this happening was the complete lack of any way to realistically ticket a live stream without it costing a large percentage of the income, and in most cases, a set up fee.  After watching many attempts and experiencing the frustrations from both an artist and end user perspective, Sean and Vinnie, having worked together to create FanFunded (a platform designed to help creatives and community), put their heads together to hone a raw concept into a formidable solution that not only works better than anything else available, but aims to ensure all funds are returned to the creators and promoters of any content purchased through the store. 

On top of this, a world first incentive program has been incorporated that aims to encourage anyone with a high profile and dedicated fan base to promote the content available through the store, not only creating more ticket sales opportunities, but awareness of new talent that may otherwise never have been put in front of them.  The artist can even act as a promoter of their own content, and earn the sales commission on top of getting all the ticket sales revenue.  Secure Show Tix also goes a step further and can pay you a commission for any tickets sold through our store by anyone you bring to us.. another world first for this industry.  Make sure you check out our ‘Introducer’ model!

Everyone knows that your followers and industry contacts are everything, so add in the ability to earn income from streaming in the first instance, and at the same time grow your fan base, promote other events and earn money from that, then introduce anyone you know that also has content to sell and make a commission from every ticket sold to every event they run through us (yep, double your commission by introducing someone and then promoting their events to your fans..), and you’re looking at a platform that has the potential to change the way our struggling industry operates. 

The best bit?  Nothing actually needs to change or be discarded.  In fact, Secure Show Tix encourages and supports the continuation and growth of live events, even in these trying times.   Our technology allows you to sell every seat before fans can access a live stream, no matter where you are or how many locations form part of the tour.   You can even keep your free streams going, just use them to promote a special event that fans DO need to pay for.   Keep your music streaming, get on playlists, do everything you’re already doing, just add us to your portfolio of content distribution, and let’s change things up!

At the end of the day, fans still want to participate, consume, and feel like a part of their favoured artists life, but sadly just about everything that is set up to achieve this is feeding everyone except the artist and all those who have the skills that make a performance great.  We aim to change that, and in doing so create more reasons to support each other and find new ways to grow exposure and what’s on offer to a world hungry for content.  

Everything we’ve built here is designed to help expand not only access to great events in troubled times, but also ensure more people get paid for every part of the process, aiming to rejuvenate the greatest industry out there to a bigger and brighter future.  

From a technical perspective, we have had to tick a LOT of boxes:  Making sure the whole process is easy to use for both show owners and end-users, being able to track credentials so people can’t share tickets and dilute income, security measures that allow us to stop anyone making/selling bootleg copies (which once again reduces an artists income.. don’t do it!!), creating partnerships with global companies that have the infrastructure to scale with us to any level, ensuring all royalties are paid, time-zone and currency complexities, and even down to negotiating lower transaction fees so we can hand more back!  

There are so many things this platform can be used for, so many reasons everyone should consider using it, and so many more subtle features that could be described here, but can already be found through the pages on this website.  Go and have a look around, try the calculators if you haven’t already, and start introducing anyone you know, or creating content for yourself and see what happens!   Our discovery calls allow you direct contact with the founders if you want more information.. Go ahead, you’ll only be more enthused after chatting with either of the boys.